Tips For A Healthy Vacation


  1. Plan Ahead & Start Off Healthy
    • Pack easy travel snacks  (see below for ideas)
    • Eat a healthy meal before going to the airport
    • Stay Hydrated
    • Look for healthy options while waiting at the airport (fruit, yogurt, salad, water)
  2. Research Local Restaurants
    • Know which restaurants you want to go to before exploring the city life; this sets you up for success
  3. Pack Resistance Bands
  4. Travel in your SneakersIMG_0254IMG_0944
  5. Listen to New Music
  6. Workout Early
  7. Bike, Walk, and Use the Stairs
  8. Get Active and Explore
    • pack a local hiking and/or trail map
  9. Log Foods, Snacks, Beverages, and Exercises
  10. Take Advantage of the Kitchen
    • if you are staying at a place that has a kitchen, take the time to go to the local grocer and stock your fridge and pantry with healthy foods and snacks (great way to save!)
    • pack up leftovers and put in fridge for the next day


5 Food Items To Pack When Traveling

  1. Almonds, Peanuts, and/or mixed nut trail mix
  2. Oatmeal (can use for a meal while away)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_0443
  3. Individual Packages of Peanut Butter or Almond Butter
  4. Protein Powder (make a smoothie and bring with you)
  5. Banana, apple, celery (can pair with almond or peanut butter)



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