wearing white after labor day

How did the statement “don’t wear white after Labor Day” come about?

I always wondered why this was such a fashion statement but as I did my research into this so called fad I realized that the story line for it was so simple and vague. The real reason you can’t wear white after Labor Day is because in the late 1800s to early 1900s the women could only decipher their economic class by not wearing white. If you didn’t wear white after Labor Day it meant that you were in the higher class. It is interesting to see how such a simple phrase could last over 100 years.

Labor Day is an exciting time of the year because it is when family and friends gather together for BBQ’s and outdoor festivities. Needless to say that it does mark the end of the summer and the beginning of fall which in my eyes is not good. Your probably wondering where I am going with this whole Labor Day theme well I am going to let you in on some fun facts about Labor Day.

  1. Labor Day is the third most popular day for barbecuing after Fourth of July and Memorial Day
  2. 65% of people stop wearing white after Labor Day (interesting)
  3. Labor Day was first celebrated in 1882
  4. In 1926, Henry Ford started the first weekend trend closing his shop Saturday & Sundays
  5. Labor Day marks the end of hot dog season
  6. Labor Day is the second holiday in which Americans consume the most beef

Labor Day means something different for everyone it has adapted over the years to first being a celebration of Labor Union Laws to now-a-days playing hooky from work, eating grilled foods, and traveling across America. Whatever you chose to do on Labor Day make sure to keep the ketchup and chocolate ice cream away from your white t-shirt because before you know it you will hear your friend from across the lawn screaming…“don’t wear white after Labor Day.”

Have a safe holiday & enjoy the long weekend.


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