BR WORX – Taking small group fitness to the next level!

The BR WORX program is the formation of small group training offered to you by our trained and certified personal training staff. What makes a group offering unique and different? • Social aspect and allegiance – The importance of social support, encouragement and camaraderie. • Knowing what to expect as the consumer – Having our daily, weekly workouts posted at our facilities, website and social media. • Versatility – While the basic move is the same, the BR coach will offer modifications based on individual’s capabilities and injury history.


BR WORX is designed to take the most successful components of other popular group training offerings and add what we at Body Resolution strive for in our Personal Training setting. For years we have taken great pride in our ability to create individualized programs for our many wonderful clients. We want to take that same focus and add it to a group environment. While each workout will be predesigned, the BR coach will be able to make real time modifications to any movement to accommodate the individual’s needs in order to provide a safe and healthy workout for all participants.

What will the workouts consist of?

The BR WORX program will offer the consumer a workout for each day that can be found at both facilities. This allows you to know what you will be doing each day you come to the gym. We are looking to offer this multiple times throughout the day to allow all clients to utilize based on their work/life schedule. Each class will be no more than 8 people, which allows the BR Coach to give individualized attention to each participant when needed as well as create that social accountability we all look for. Each workout and movement will have modifications based on the client’s fitness level and injury history. Each workout will have 3 main components: • Movement prep, which will include Myofascial release, joint focused range of motion and dynamic warm-up. • Strength component, this will target different and specific muscle groups each day with a core component as well. • Metabolic Conditioning, we look to increase heart rate in multiple ways including cycling, plyometrics, core with high rep and high volume moves.

What is the cost of BR WORX?

Group Fitness class pricing will remain the same through December 31, 2017 for all current members. Effective January 1, 2018 the new BR WORX program will be:

                           Monthly          Per Session(a)          Per Session(b)

Drop In                N/A                        $20.00                            $20.00

1 Month           $140.00                      $17.50                             $11.67

ACH(c)             $125.00                      $14.42                             $9.62

(a) Based on two visits per week

(b) Based on three visits per week

(c) 3 month commitment

How do I sign up? The BR WORX sessions and times will be up on our website the same as our current classes. As a member you will be able to sign up online or by phone. Since the class size is limited to 8 it will be important to sign up before hand to reserve your spot.




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