At Body Resolution our mission is to help people reach their goals, whether that be moving better in general, snatching 200 lbs. or running the Spartan Ultra. Our clients are some of the hardest working people that we know and we are thrilled to be highlighting one of them, Chip Perry, in this month’s client spotlight. Chip works extremely hard in the gym with his trainer Lucas Zelanzy, but what is truly exceptional about Chip is what he chooses to do with his training outside of the gym.


Chip is a volunteer for Colchester Technical Rescue. Colchester Technical Rescue is a volunteer rescue organization that is part of a statewide search and rescue team. Colchester Technical Rescue primarily serves Chittenden County but frequently responds to the entire state.  Colchester Tech is called anytime there is a missing person, someone in need of a water rescue, a stranded or lost hiker or skier, a building collapse, and anytime an ambulance is unable to access a patient.

Rest assured that no matter what kind of situation you find yourself in, Chip and his fellow teammates will be ready and willing to assist.


Chip in action, volunteering for Colchester Technical Rescue


When asked what his duties include Chip responded saying that, “a rescue call can come anytime of day or night to any location in Vermont.  Most of our summer rescue calls are typically injured hikers, which usually requires us to carry them off of the mountain.  The nature of these calls often requires long hours of very physically demanding activity.” With such specific tasks demanded of him in high-pressure situations, Chip needs to be ready and able to assist at any time. When Chip began training at Body Resolution he says that his main goal was to rehab his shoulder after surgery. His goals evolved and demanded more strength-based training, but since joining Colchester Tech he says that, “When I joined the team my goals shifted from being strength oriented to more dynamic and endurance based goals.”


Chip has been training at BR for five years now and attributes his success with Colchester Technical Rescue, in part, to his time at Body Resolution. People depend on Chip and his fellow volunteers to get them out of sticky and sometimes life-threatening situations and Chip feels as though he is prepared for just about anything Colchester Tech throws at him!


Aside from volunteering for Colchester Technical Rescue, Chip enjoys activities like hiking and scuba diving- both of which have been positively effected by his training at Body Resolution. Of scuba diving Chip says, “believe it or not, it can be a physically demanding activity.  Not only does your cardio have to be in good shape because you have a finite amount of air underwater, but the gear is very heavy. While underwater it is almost weightless, whereas on the surface is can be quite heavy and cumbersome to move around.  Being in good shape definitely makes it more enjoyable.”

Whether he is in the mountains carrying an injured hiker to safety or under water exploring the depths, Chip is able to participate in some of his favorite activities because of his hard work and dedication to his training at Body Resolution. Chip is a true testament to what hard work can accomplish. Not only does Chip use his fitness to do things for himself, but he also uses it to give back to others. Thanks for keeping us safe, Chip!


If you would like to learn more about Colchester Technical Rescue follow this link:

If you participate in activities in which you feel your performance is positively affected by your training at Body Resolution, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know! We would love to highlight YOU in one of our blogs.  



All photos and information provided by Chip Perry





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