Who is this Dan Zaltz that everyone keeps talking about…. Well, he is not only the manager of Body Resolution but he is also an incredible trainer and individual. When Dan isn’t training or managing the BR team, or telling random facts that not even Google would know, Dan can be found hiking, skiing, or plying music. Dan has a way of making even the hardest days, feasible because once he enters a room he fills it with an aura of strength, wisdom, and motivation. His determination is what makes him such an inspiring manager, trainer, and friend. Next time you are in BR and you see Dan, throw a few random facts his way because he is always willing to learn and aspire from everyone around him.


Quick Facts About Dan:

  1. When did you first find an interest in fitness? I’ve been a lifelong athlete. At some point during my teenage years I realized that improving my fitness improved many other parts of my life.
  2. What’s your favorite part about being a personal trainer? Definitely the people we work with! As a personal trainer, you get to form these strong bonds with people you may never have come across otherwise. A lot goes into developing that relationship: trust, respect, flexibility (no pun intended).
  3. What advice do you like to give to newcomers to the gym? Be smart, listen to your body, and safely push your comfort levels. You’ll be surprised what YOU can do!
  4. How would you characterize your style of training? I focus on the center and move outwards – a strong core is vital to good health.
  5. What are the biggest mistakes you see in the gym setting? The general population focuses too much on their body image. We should focus on mobility, balance, and being able to do all of the activities we like to do.
  6. What do you like to do on the weekend? I play music, hike, and ski.
  7. What do you do to challenge yourself? I end each day with some mindful reflection and think, “what did I do well, and what could I have done better?” That challenges me – I stay happily restless.dan3

Name your favorite…

Healthy Meal: Sweet potatoes, grilled chicken, and a bunch of leafy or crunchy green things over some couscous or lentils.

Cheat Meal: Easier question. A large steak and some form of potatoes with no shortage of butter.

Exercise: Pull-ups! Love em…

Movie: Anything James Bond; Or Animal House.

Song, Artist, or Band: Lettuce. Check ’em out!

Tell us one thing that no one knows: Hmmm…Let me think about that one…


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