Body Resolution’s Own Head Personal Trainer

Whether you visit BR on Williston Road or Pine Street between 6:00AM and 6:00PM, you are bound to see Ryan Garrow training a client with a smile on his face. Although his day is long, Ryan never loses steam. He loves to bring his positive energy and passion for fitness to work every single day and spread it to everyone he interacts with, clientele and staff alike. As Head Personal Trainer, Ryan enjoys seeing and training all different types of clients, educating his fellow colleagues, and working with interns on all aspects of training.

How He Got His Start With Training

In high school, Ryan had the opportunity to work with a couple exceptional Strength and Conditioning Coaches named Jerry Gorruso and Mike Norman. He fell in love with the way training made him feel and realized the success he had on the football field was a direct result of his work in the weight room and with these coaches. Pursuing his passion for training, he secured an internship at UVM and received hands-on coaching experience with mentors whom he can’t thank enough. These mentors fed his “never stop learning” approach and helped him find his main purpose in life – to give back to athletes by providing them with all the tools necessary to increase their performance and be successful members of society.

His Favorite Part of Being a Trainer

Ryan’s favorite part of being a trainer is seeing his clients progress and do things they never thought they could do. He believes trainers have superpowers because they are able to change people’s lives. To him, there is no greater power than that.

As Head Personal Trainer, Ryan enjoys seeing and training all different types of clients, educating his fellow colleagues, and working with interns on all aspects of training.

Ryan is a big fan of functional training and he makes a point of training all of his clients like they are athletes. He believes everyone should be able to squat, deadlift, push, pull, and carry heavy weights. According to him, training these efficient movements reduces the risk of injury and makes everyone more awesome!

His Biggest Challenge as a Trainer

One of the biggest challenges Ryan faces as a trainer is breaking the “meat head” persona people associate with trainers. There are still people out there afraid to workout because they think all trainers only want to break them down and make them sore. Ryan is always trying to break the mold and change everyone’s vision of fitness to be a positive one.

His Favorite Things to Do Outside of BR

When he’s not training at BR, Ryan loves to ski, coach at Saint Michael’s, read about training, watch the Patriots, and spend time with his friends and girlfriend, Olivia. On the weekends, he loves to eat. Although he tries to eat pretty healthy, he finds it challenging to get enough food in during a typical day. His favorite cheat foods are pizza and anything with chocolate and peanut butter.

Five Interesting Facts About Ryan Garrow

  1. Ryan is a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Saint Michael’s men’s hockey and lacrosse teams.
  2. He has collected all 50 state commemorative quarters.
  3. He can NOT miss a Patriots game under any circumstances…
  4. He loves country music.
  5. He is always confused when people don’t buy hienz ketchup or hidden valley ranch dressing.
  1. November 11, 2016

    Wow Ryan, we are so proud of you. You make your job look fun and you have accomplished what we as parents have always wanted for you.

    You brought tears to our eyes and they are definitely tears of joy. It brings to mind what dad always said to you “find something you love to do for work and you’ll never work a day in your life,”

    Love ya

    Mom and dad

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