Hello BR Nation. My name is Pat and I have just recently moved here from Boston to join the Body Resolution and Burlington community. I grew up in North Andover, MA, a town about 30 minutes north of Boston. I spent my youth always being active and involved in athletics. Throughout high school I was a three sport athlete, participating in football, wrestling and baseball. After high school I spent a year going to school and playing football at Bridgton Academy, where I took an Anatomy & Physiology course which unlocked a hidden passion. I was able to combine my fascination with the human body and my love for athletics and enrolled in the Applied Exercise Science program at Springfield College where I played 4 years of football and earned my degree. While at Springfield College I received a ton of hands on experience. I was able to intern at Boston College Strength and Conditioning where I worked with the football, men’s and women’s hockey, and men’s and women’s basketball teams.


During my senior year at Springfield College I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with one of my professors who was studying the effects of long term exercise on patients with renal disease. As a part of this 5 year study my job was to bring patients through an exercise program a couple of days per week, record their progress and join my professor once a month for exercise testing. During this time I gained a huge connection with my clients by coaching them through being very sick and feeling desperate to becoming healthier and healthier and having positive changes in their lifestyle and everyday activities. This truly stuck with me when I saw how overjoyed they were and how I was involved in helping change their lives in such a positive manner. This is when I developed a strong passion for personal training.

I started my career in personal training in 2007 during my final semester in school with an internship with Equinox in Darien, CT where I learned the ins and outs of personal training, from applying my skills to programing and coaching to building and running a business. After I graduated in May of 2007 I was able to transfer to Equinox’s first club in Boston’s Back Bay where I quickly became one of the company’s top trainers. After a year and a half I was promoted to the Fitness Manager overseeing the education and development of the 30 personal trainers at our Back Bay location.


Over the almost 9 years I spent with Equinox I saw the company grow nationally and locally. During this time I become most passionate about how to train and heal, and I discovered a desire to focus much more on my client’s health and physical functioning. Training post-surgery and injured clients became my specialty, as well as weight loss and performance training. I also became passionate as an educator, sharing my knowledge and coaching other trainers. In 2010 I was named by Boston Magazine as one of Boston’s “Best Personal Trainers.”


In 2011 I was hired to Equinox’s Fitness Training Institute as Boston’s Area Coordinator. My involvement was to create and ensure a high level of education for all of Boston’s personal trainers. I ran a department with other master instructors who taught classes to trainers ranging from Anatomy, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Basic and Advanced Program Design, to Special Population Programing. I was also involved with bringing in some of the greatest minds from around the Exercise Science field to continually educate our trainers to ensure the highest level of training Boston could offer. In 2013 I was named Equinox Boston’s “Educator of the Year.”


After almost 9 years living in Boston and being a full time trainer, manager and educator I felt I needed a change. I have always visited Vermont and enjoyed coming to Burlington. I love this area, I love every person I’ve met from here over the years and decided it was time to immerse myself with this lifestyle that I feel fits my personality the best. I enjoy being outside and love hiking and camping whenever I can, and having Vermont’s gorgeous scenery right in my backyard is exactly where I want to be. I will always love Boston and I have amazing friends there but in the short time I have been here in Burlington I have met some wonderful people and been involved with a great community in Body Resolution, which shows me that I have made the right decision to move to Burlington.


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