As we approach the holidays there are some things we should think about as we get bombarded with sweets, treats, and high fat foods! We want to help you be successful as you enjoy your gatherings this holiday season.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep the pounds off this while enjoying time with family and friends:

holiday tips2

Plan ahead

Bring your own food (snacks, healthy meals)

Stay on same food schedule even when traveling (3 meals 2-3 snacks)

Choose lean protein, fiber-rich carbs, green veggies

Avoid cream sauces and gravies

Choose white meat over dark meat

Sweet potatoes with spices instead of butter and marshmallow

Oil and vinegar for dressing instead of cream based dressing

Stay active (5 minute walk counts)

Drink water (always stay hydrated)

Wait before seconds

Get enough sleep

Limit alcohol

Limit any extra sugar

Load up on veggies (YUM)

Stay positive and most of all have some fun!

holiday tips3


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