No matter what your health and fitness goals may be,
Body Resolution will help you achieve them.

It is Body Resolution’s goal to enhance the development of individual performance by being the premier center in Vermont for learning proper exercise biomechanics and nutritional guidelines. Our professional staff constantly observes your body’s movements and fine tunes your training so that your progress never stops.

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The Body Resolution Method

Body Resolution has developed a systematic approach towards progression. Our clients reach their long-term goals by incorporating corrective exercise and stabilization techniques into their workout.

Our educated, certified trainers specialize in improving spinal balance while optimizing a the length tension relationship throughout your body’s musculature.

After taking you through an individual movement analysis, the trainers at Body Resolution will be prepared to help you:

  Lose Weight

  Sculpt Your Body

  Reduce Stress

    No Experience Needed

    Breath with Ease

    Feel More Confident

  Improve Athletic Performance

  Stay Focused

  Decrease Chronic Pain


Re-alignment is the primary need for almost all of us, yet in our hurry to get results, we jump straight into regular exercise.

Imagine driving a car with a bent chassis or misaligned wheels: the handling performance would be difficult or even dangerous, and you would get it repaired immediately! Despite this, most people don’t give their personal alignment much more than a passing thought. Your posture is the chassis of your body. When it is out of alignment, you cannot move properly. It is that simple! That’s why the majority of us have aches, pains, chronic stress, recurring injury, and ‘saggy’ muscles! Realignment is like taking our broken car and entering it into the grand prix!

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