Body Resolution Client Trainer Interface (CTI) App for iPhone and iPad:

Trainers looking for a systematic approach to storing and presenting client progress can now get it at your fingertips.  No more carrying around all those unorganized papers with client information! Clients with or without a trainer can utilize the BR-CTI app for personal tracking of training, measurements, nutrition, BR’s point system for exercise progress and much more.This app allows for each component to be graphed in real time to show direct results.BR-CTI is the only current client and trainer interface allowing a seamless link between the personal trainers and their clients with real data feedback.  This app allows each trainer the ability to show direct results to their clients while enabling all information to be stored in an easy secure location. Both the client and trainer will have the BR-CTI app allowing for easy access and personal control over their entries. Clients will have this information at their fingertips to help increase motivation and consistency of training.

It is the perfect way to be highly integrated with your clients providing real time data whenever and wherever you want!

Top Features


BR-CTI is the only current app that scores each of your workouts with BR Points allowing overall progress reports like no other.  The scoring system is based on the difficulty of the exercise and any of the exercises can be graphed to show direct results.

BR-CTI puts all of your workouts in one secure location along with advanced kinetic chain evaluation scoring and graphing.

Easily edit any entry from both client and trainer side of the app.

Future nutrition entry: allowing your nutritionist or trainer the ability to store foods and images based on date and time.  This allows for the client to always see what foods they should be eating at specific dates and times.

Setting goals will not be forgotten on some sheet of paper buried in your workout folder.  Each trainer or client can set a specific goal date, which will take both trainer and client to the page where the goal is written.

Pro version basic features:

  • Training log with BR’s exercise intensity scoring system and graphing capabilities.
  • All Girth measurements can be stored and graphed
  • Flexibility measurements with recommended ranges from National Academy of Sports Medicine are pre-stored and each range can also be added and graphed.
  • Fitness goals have presets but leave room to store new goals and specific notes.
  • Kinetic Chain Evaluation has each of the bodies compensations identified allowing for simple scoring and graphing. This is one of the most important tools that a trainer can utilize giving the client direct feedback on their specific human movement patterns.
  • Muscle Mapping allows for the trainer to identify areas of altered length tension relationships during the KCE to visually show the client where they need focus.
  • Food Journal can have images of each food item added in conjunction with date and time of consumption.  This is used as a system to track food without constantly counting calories.  The feature allows for future food entries by either the client or the trainer to keep tack of progress.
  • Measurement due dates can be set by either the trainer or the client to allow for reminders on when each measurement should take place again.

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