Online personal training from Body Resolution give you access to your own certified personal trainer, from anywhere in the world! The BR Executive Online Training program also provides you with a full nutritional analysis by a certified nutritionist.

Online Training Benefits:

  • Worldwide Access to an Elite Personal Trainer
  • Full Body Assessment and Rehabilitative Exercises
  • Customized Programs Tailored to Your Goals
  • Weekly Assignments and Routines
  • Consistent email communication

At Body Resolution we believe that every second of your workout counts and must be carefully designed and executed. In your own environment the distractions are limited which will increase your productivity with the help of Body Resolution online training and nutritional counseling. You’ll find it surprisingly easy to focus on yourself and — with Body Resolution’s one-on-one help — to take control of your body. You will receive a personalized exercise program that will teach you the proper form the first time. You will also receive a personalized cardio workout routine and your own stretching exercise program.

Online Training Features Include:

  • Unique Exercise Programs
  • Customized Exercise Planner
  • Your Own Stretching Programs
  • Your Own Cardio Programs
  • Your Own Exercise Log
  • Hundreds Of Exercise Exchanges
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