When you train consistently with our staff at Body Resolution, you can expect dramatic improvements in your strength, agility, flexibility, balance, and overall sense of well-being.

At Body Resolution we believe that every second of your workout counts and must be carefully designed and executed. In a private environment the distractions are limited which will increase communication between you and your trainer. You’ll find it surprisingly easy to focus on yourself and — with Body Resolution’s one-on-one help — to take control of your body.

Personal Training

Body Resolution has developed a systematic approach for progressing clients towards their individual fitness goals while teaching corrective exercises and integrated stabilization techniques that address the specific needs of their alignment. Our method provides a superior way to alter your body composition. If you’ve ever trained in a conventional health club or gym, you know how distracting your environment can be. We offer several different training packages, call us at (802) 658-5800 or email us for more information.

In Home Personal Training

We offer in home personal training for maximum convenience and affordable pricing, which means you’ll be better able to take advantage of our services despite a busy schedule. Each of our fitness trainers takes personal pride in ensuring you reach your goals. Learn more about how we can bring the gym to you. Call us at (802) 658-5800 or email us for more information.

Small Group Training

Body Resolution’s 2-on-1 fitness and nutrition sessions are a great way to get healthy, and have fun doing it! Who doesn’t like hanging out and saving money? Get healthy with a friend, and you can do both! We offer several tiers of small group training. Call us at (802) 658-5800 or email us for more information.

We also offer Sports Team Training for groups of athletes.


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