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Having lower back pain is not as uncommon as you may think because more than 31 million Americans suffer from back pain and it is becoming more prominent in our culture as we speak. There are a plethora of reasons why you may develop lower back pain so being cautious of your actions is very important.

Do you…


Ever lift a box without bending your knees?
Slouch in your chair while you are at your desk?
Find time to warm up before workouts or activities?
Find time to stretch daily?
Walk up and down the stairs with a heavy laundry basket and lean to one side?
Know exactly where your weight should be when lifting heavy objects?
Correct your form when performing different exercises?

back pain cartoonIt is crucial to always be aware of your body mechanics and how you are implementing certain moves. You can throw out your back just by picking up a pencil or sneezing as you walk up the stairs.


Today, we live in a world where many Americans live for convenience which puts their health and well-being at risk because they become less active which in return affects their posture, ability to move properly, and overall alignment within their body. Why does this all matter? It matters because as Americans we are always on the go from the minute we wake up to the minute we go to bed at night which leaves each one of us prone to injury due to the lack of knowledge and the understanding of the human body. The more you overuse any muscle or part of your body (called pattern overload) the more susceptible you are to getting lower back pain and/or injuries.

You may think that being pain free is out of your reigns but believe it or not you can decrease and/or relieve any lower back pain by taking the appropriate steps as listed below…

  1. Increase exercises and/or activities (become less sedentary)
  2. Develop an understanding of body mechanics (posture, alignment, and etc.)
  3. Maintain good posture
  4. Improve flexibility
  5. Strengthen your core
  6. Lift carefully
  7. Stretch regularly
  8. Seek help from specialists
  9. Develop better sleeping positions
  10. Eat a well-balanced diet

lifting technique imageNext time you go to pick up that heavy box make sure you know the proper body alignments and mechanics before bending over and putting all the pressure on your lower back, it is always good practice to watch your form and posture in the mirror.

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